11-14 November 2017 in the Fair Center of Vicenza


The best for wine sector

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Visitors 2017


Wine and Food, Catering, Professional Equipment

The 5th edition of Cosmofood, the primary Exhibition in the Tri Veneto Area, will take place from 11th to 14th November 2017 at Vicenza Fair Center and will be totally dedicated to the excellence of food, beverage, contract, food & drink service, retail, & technology. The fair is both for foodies and national and international business operators in Food  Service. This allows exhibitors to get orders, business contacts and, at the same time, to sell products to foodies in a specific Sell Area. The fair is the best way to seep new Markets, to develop new sales networks, to increase the Brand Awareness to a specific public, to receive important orders, to create Networking. Then, the fair is the only concrete moment in which supply and demand come together. At Cosmofood everything is possibile, contact us and we will find out a perfect solution most suited to you. How much interesting is the North Italian Market? How much would it cost to seep the North Italian Market? How much would it cost to contact thousands clients outside my territory? What kind of benefits will my company have if I don’t partecipate in Cosmofood? As for admission request, you can just contact us by e-mail, by fax or by telephone. Once you fill in the admission request we verify if the company fulfils the requirements to become an exhibitor of Cosmofood 2017.

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Attending Cosmofood 2017

The exhibition is the best way to get in touch with new markets, to develop an important business network, to reinforce the one’s own corporate image, to receive significant orders. Taking part into Cosmofood is easy! Have a look at the application form and find out the best solution for your requirements.      How much would you save not taking part into the exhibition? How much would it cost looking for new contacts outside your area? There is no real reason not to reserve a stand!   As regards registration, you should submit your request per e-mail or fax, or contact our head-quarter. Then, you will be asked to fill the application form. If your company meet the quality standard required for the exhibitors, you will have a stand at Cosmofood 2017.

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Cosmofood 2017 in numbers

There will be 500 companies attending Cosmofood, divided into 6 areas: food, wine, beer, technology & food service and bio-vegan-gluten free area. There will be also two training rooms and one arena for showcooking. The first question to ask if you choose to partecipate in a fair would be: where does it take place? Vicenza is in the center between the province of Verona, Padova, Treviso and Venezia, and it is halfway from Garda Lake and Adriatic Sea. There will be 100 events at Cosmofood: Tasting Courses, Cooking Classes, workshops, Show contests for companies, meetings with buyers and so on. Any company who is interested in proposing a course or a workshop, should submit a specific request and after a detailed analysis on the event calendar, we will give the result.

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