9-13 November 2019 in the Fair Center of Vicenza

"DREAMS" with "TASTE" 2014

Aloe vera Gel

Why it is usefull drinking Aloe Vera gel during the day?

From 1978 Foreverlivin Products (FLP) and its affiliate are leader in the cultivation and stabilization of the gel of Aloe Vera, in the production and in the distribution of healthy and neauty products, in a path that start from the plant, passes by the product and arrives to you. FLP has been the first society that recive the sign I.A.S.C. (International Aloe Science Council) for quality and purity of the Aloe which is in its products; than it has recived the Ebraic sign (Kosher Rating) and the Islamic one (Islamic Seal), which best subline its quality. More over some of its products recived the mark HALAL. FLP has been in Italy since 1999 and is associated to Avedisco.

During this seminar people discovered the differents propriety of Aloe Vera learning how you can use them in your daylife.

The seminar was on Sunday 2nd November, from 18.00 to 18.30 in the Room Course 1.

Free Entrance

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23 october 2017


Buy your online ticket, skip the line and visit Cosmofood. Ticket option: Ticket €7 Ticket + glass for wine tasting €10. You can bring the glass in the stand "RITIRO BICCHIERI" indicated on the planfloor that you will find in the entrance.   BUY YOUR TICKET HERE  ...

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05 august 2016

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20 july 2016

Bio and Vegan Area: more attention to new lifestyle and diet

Today nutrition is seen from differents point of view and the fair with the presence of company with bio and vegan products can talk with all different types of public. For this reason we have created a bigger area dedicated to Bio and Vegan products. Professionals will find here lots of ideas for their menus while consumer can disfrute this oc...

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