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Italian Association of Food Bloggers

Commitment of a motivated group of Food Bloggers that through moments of encounter and reflection have invested enthusiasm and energy in the pursuit of an idea in which they believe in, comes the Italian Association of Food Bloggers, a non-profit organization whose goal is to create real opportunities for meeting, sharing, growth and training for all those who love food and promote the culture through a blog.

The main objectives of the Association therefore reside in the intention to raise awareness of the role of food bloggers in the sphere of communication agribusiness through knowledge, enhancement, promotion and protection of our precious cultural heritage. 

During this meeting, the Association will present to the public three new books dedicated to cooking, developed in collaboration with a number associated with philanthropic soul behind.

Time of patè

Time of Patè

Easy to prepare, versatile, elegant, full of surprises.

In a word, it's the patè, available in more than 40 recipes with many combinations to propose it in a different way, always tempting, and always fun to turn every hour of the day in "the time of the patè." The book, with recipes for patè specially created by the most famous food bloggers in Italy, presents anecdotes, trivia and tips, along with a wide assortment of breads, crackers, breadsticks, butter and composed to accompany the pate.

It also represents the birth of the series "MTChallenge," the most popular challenge of cooking from food bloggers from all over Italy. In addition, through this book, the Community of 'MTChallenge supports the "heart of the children," by the Foundation "Helping Children" which aims to give help to poor children, sick, uneducated, who have suffered physical or moral and provide them the opportunity and the hope of a life worthy of a person in the world and in Italy.

At this meeting, the Association of Italian food bloggers revealed the secrets of this book by giving some interesting advice.

Salads at Tiffany's

Salad at Tiffany's

Unfairly relegated to a role as a side dish or main course only promoted in the name of their properties or detox diet, salads are a plate with a thousand virtues.

This is the theme of the book, that divides them into two parts: the "Salads at Tiffany's", those that recreate the spirit of the Belle Epoque, and "50 Easy Pieces", or recipes faster, but no less appetizing and nobles. In the middle, a section on seasonings, emulsions, oil-vinegar-aromatic salts homemade.

In addition, through this book you will be able to support the project Square Crafts, aimed at young object of early school leaving and that aims to teach them the ancient crafts of the past, in a space that recreates the atmosphere of an old square with the shops once.



Correct and balanced diet is an essential tool for prevention against many diseases. In addition, among the various environmental factors that can influence our state of health, diet, is definitely one of the most easily editable. Identify strategies that use the diet modulation to reduce the risk of chronic diseases and, therefore, increase both the quality and life expectancy, it represents the last frontier of scientific research in the field of nutrition. Along with Vallè that from many years deals with this issue and IEO European Institute of Oncology by Umberto Veronesi, who recently launched Smartfood, a project on the protective factors in the diet, designed to identify and select a variety of foods whose daily consumption help prevent the diseases that most affect us, they chose to create a delicious and funny book of recepies, where food bloggers and nutritionists could represent the many faces of life on board every day and respond well to the daily requirement which not always pay proper attention. 16 menus and more than 80 delicious and simple recipes, calibrated and measured for every 'taste', and especially 'skills in the kitchen', as well as in relation to the seasonality of products and dishes, because health makes no distinction, is the heritage of each of us and can be enjoyed until the end, maybe even licking his fingers. Word of bloggers and nutritionists that in this new adventure have fallen in their own clothes, those of passionate about good food, before that 'experts' of diet. During the meeting will be also made ​​some nice recipes.

The meeting was on Saturday 1st November from 9.30 to 13.00 in the Seminary Area

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